Thanks for taking the time to fill out our survey below. It may seem daunting, however we have found over the course of many years these questions are absolutely necessary to gauge the resources needed to give your website the love it deserves! Your data will be put into a spreadsheet, and we are happy to give you a copy of it as well. That way, if for some reason we can't assist in your project you will have a document to deliver to other potential developers and save yourself some time in the bidding process.

Name *
When is your ideal date to start the rebuild process? *
When is your ideal date to start the rebuild process?
When is your ideal date to launch the rebuild? *
When is your ideal date to launch the rebuild?
Will this website redesign be a complete overhaul with a new structure and features or simply a new look for your current site? *
Will your site pages need to announce that they use cookies per some countries’ requirements? *
Do you know the level of hosting (average monthly bandwidth and cost) you need? *
Do you have access, and can you provide usernames and passwords? *
Do you ever have large spikes in traffic that we will need to plan for from a hosting standpoint? *
Do you have or need an SSL certificate? *
If yes to the above question, do you know what level of SSL certificate you need?
Do you require multi-layer access permission for your website?
Do you require a membership-only section of the website?
Do you plan to post audio files to the site? *
Do you plan to post video files to the site? *
Will you need people to log in on the site either with a username and password or by using social logins? *
Will users need the ability to post product reviews? *
Do you want users to be able to comment on blog posts and other types of content?
Do you need to integrate chat features? *
Will you need an internal search engine for your site? *
Will you need to support multiple languages on your site? *
Do you want people to be able to share content from your website? *
Will visitors have to enter credit card information and other personal details on any section of the website? *
Do you plan to sell anything through your website? *
If yes, do you need us to find a platform to handle carts, customer accounts, discount codes and payment processing? *
If yes, please check all boxes below that pertain to your needs *
Do you need to run multiple sites on multiple domains from one CMS? *
Will you be running ads on your site? *
Would you like to budget for user testing during the design and development phase? *
Do you need to publish an event calendar on your website? *
If yes, please elaborate below
You can select both options if you wish to keep multiple even calendars active across multiple sites or platforms.
Do you have a site architecture diagram or document completed? *
Do you use call tracking to track online campaigns? *
if yes please let us know which you use:
This is helpful to know in case we need to integrate these tools into your website admin area
What metric(s) do you use to measure the success of your website? *
please post an example of your top performing landing page so we have an idea of the type of layouts that convert best for your visitors/customers.
If you aren't sure you can enter 0, we can help you determine this through your current analytics platform
Obviously this is sensitive information so we'll make it optional at this point. This information is helpful however if we're helping you look at shopping cart platforms as many base their pricing on sales volume.
Is your current site optimized for mobile users? *
Will you be managing the site once it is launched? *
Will you require training on how to properly maintain the site? *
Will your copy need to be reviewed and approved by legal and compliance? *
Will your legal team need to create the privacy policy for the site? *
Would you prefer to give feedback on the site wireframes, designs, and staging site through email or a project management or creative collaboration system? *
Do you have an existing content management system you prefer or would you like our suggestions on the proper CMS? *
Will you be updating and reusing content and/or images from your current website? *
Will you be writing the content for the site? *
Do you have photos and visuals to use for the site that can be used for commercial purposes or should we budget for stock or custom photography? *
Would you like to personalize content so that the content shown is targeted and relevant for different types of visitors? *
For example, do you want certain products or content to show only in certain geographical regions?
Will external sources of content -- say from an RSS feed -- need to be included in your site? *
Archiving & Migration
Will you need continued access to your current website after your new website launches?
What data will need to be migrated from your existing website to your new website? *
What level of shipping carrier integration does your website need? *
How does your company fulfill orders? *